One of the blood bikes

voluntary work

Nick and Sue are proud to be part of the volunteer charity Freewheelers (often known as the Blood Bikes), which delivers blood, samples and other crucial items out of hours for the hospitals in and around Bristol.

About once every 2 months Nick rides the East bike which covers the patch from Keynsham east to Chippenham and south to Wells. He's either on shift 7pm to 7am Monday to Thursday nights, or all weekend from 7pm Friday to 7am Monday morning. He can do as much as 500 miles in a week or weekend.

Sue acts as Co-ordinator and takes phone calls from the NHS for 3 bikes, one of which is Nick's. The entire patch goes as far east as the Severn, down to Taunton and up to the M4. She can take as many as 40 calls in a weekend or 30 calls during a weekday shift.

It certainly keeps them busy!